• Itching 
  • Bald spots 
  • Lots of scratching 
  • Skin irritations
Hamsters can suffer from fleas. Although this does not happen often. Fleas are tiny parasites that feed on blood. Fleas do not only cause itching and therefore skin complaints and irritation in a hamster. Large amounts of fleas on a hamster can lead to anemia. In fact, hamsters may be allergic to flea saliva, which can cause them to develop serious skin conditions. It is therefore very important to fight the fleas as well as possible.
How do you check if your hamster has fleas?
Fleas are relatively large parasites that are visible to the naked eye. To check if your hamster has fleas, you can use two fingers to gently part your hamster’s hair to view the roots. Do you see a fast moving black creature? If so, your hamster most likely has fleas.

Be aware that fleas from pets can pass to humans. Your hamster has probably gotten the fleas from other pets in your home. To eradicate fleas you will have to treat all pets at the same time.
Pay attention! It can be dangerous to use the same flea remedy for all pets. Pay attention! You can’t just use one type of flea remedy on every pet. Always check the package leaflet or packaging carefully. If it is not stated as safe for other pets, do not use it on any other animal than the one for which it is intended. To be sure, it is wise to purchase appropriate flea treatment for each pet.
To prevent your hamster from getting fleas again, it is important to also thoroughly clean its enclosure. You can use a special hamster cage disinfectant to make sure all fleas and their eggs have been eradicated.

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