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Winter wonderland

Hamsterscaping is a lot of fun to do, but how much fun is it to make a seasonally bound hamsterscape! I made a winter scape.
I did this by making it look like snow has fallen. For this I used Carefresh’s white bedding. Not as full ground cover, but I sprinkled around over the current ground cover to create the real snow effect.
Since it is December and the holidays are coming, I also wanted that to be reflected in my scape! I was in the pet store and saw a really nice “Christmas tree” made of rolls with dried herbs, really great fun. Of course I bought and used this one. I also have nice crocheted dolls in a Christmas theme come back in the scape such as a Santa Claus, a snowman, a reindeer and there is a sock.
I bought a “Christmas package” for Harry at Oakwoodforestshop, it contains super nice Christmas related hamster stuff. Below in the video you can see exactly what’s in it and what it looks like!
I occasionally look for something nice here and there in shops that I could possibly use, but I haven’t come across much yet. I think the scape as it is now is very nice and nice in theme! It is a real hamster winter wonderland!  
For tips on how to keep your hamster warm through the winter, check out the blog “warm through the winter”.

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