Moss is especially nice for small rodents such as Mice, Hamsters and Gerbils. Moss provides a beautiful natural look to your stay, but it also prevents boredom. It is good that the animals feel a different bedding on the legs for once. This new experience is very good for them. It stimulates and works surprisingly.
Benefits of moss
  • Natural look
  • Animals can use it as nesting material
  • Prevents boredom
  • Stays beautiful for a long time
How to use moss
Moss can be used in many different ways in your hamster’s enclosure. You can put it on a plateau. This immediately looks very natural. You can also use moss on part of the bedding. Hamsters can walk under or over this. You can also use moss to fill in gaps. For example, the holes and crevices of willow bridges. These openings are dangerous for hamsters, because their legs can get stuck between them with all the consequences. Moss is an easy and fun material to use between these slots to fill the gaps.
Can you use any type of moss?
You can buy suitable moss for your hamster in the pet store or order it online. This moss is suitable for animals and has been specially grown for that purpose. I myself use moss from the brands Back Zoo Nature and Trixie. What is important to know is that moss can always contain living bugs. To ensure that they do not end up in your hamster residence, it is wise to place the moss (in closed packaging) in the freezer for 48 hours and then let it dry in a cool and dark place. You can use moss several times in the enclosure, so you do not have to throw it away while changing the enclosure. As long as it still looks good and does not smell (due to pee, for example) you can simply reuse it.
I do not recommend moss from the forest. You never know what happened to it. I’d say better save then sorry, so don’t use it. In addition, taking moss from a forest here in the Netherlands is not allowed.

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