The Chlorophytum comosum comes from South Africa. The special thing about this plant is that it is very suitable for rodents. Rabbits and hamsters, for example, love it when they are allowed to nibble some of this now and then.
You can’t just go to the store and buy a Chlorophytum and give it to your hamster. It is important to buy an edible version. These have not been sprayed with chemical agents. You can recognize this edible version by the special label.
Characteristics and care
The Chlorophytum comosum is an easy and air-purifying plant. Because of its clear drawings on the leaf with the white outer edge, this plant is also called Zebra grass.
You can also clearly see how the plant is doing from the leaves. If the leaves become a bit pale in color, it does not get enough water. Does the plant get much browner leaves? Then the air is too dry. Is the plant growing out of its pot? Then you can transplant it or transfer the newly formed plants to the pot.
My experience
Chlorophytum is his favorite of all the plants that I have put in Harry’s residence so far! When I put it in its enclosure, the plant is often completely eaten away after a few weeks. When I see that the plant is almost bare, I remove it from its enclosure. I give the plant a break, as it were, to grow again. This is only possible if there are still living stems on the plant, otherwise there is nothing left to save.

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