Gnawing material

A hamster’s teeth continue to grow throughout their lives. To wear the teeth, the hamster has to gnaw a lot on willow twigs, a gnawing stone and other hard treats for hamsters. The hamster does not usually gnaw the bars to wear out the teeth. Often the hamster just wants attention.
Some hamsters gnaw a lot of gnawing material, others not at all. It is a matter of taste, but also a matter of need. If a hamster has no need for gnawing because the teeth stay well lengthed by the food or other nibbles, he will gnaw less gnawing material. It is good to always offer gnawing material so that the animals can always gnaw if they have gnawing needs. There are many different types of gnawing material. The most suitable is gnaw in the form of willow, lime and hazelnut. Do not use limestones or gnaws made from lime. These contain too much calcium and salts which burden the kidneys.
However, healthy gnaws are available in the form of cornstones.

Of course I also give my hamster gnawing material. I will show you which gnawing material I give my hamster.
Pine cones
I put pinecones in the enclosure. Hamsters can chew on this and it also looks super cozy! Every now and then I put some tasty snacks in the pinecones, so that my hamster has to put a little effort into his treats. This prevents boredom.
Pay attention! I don’t use pinecones I found in the forest. I bought my pinecones from a pet store. These have been completely disinfected.
Willow ball
I use this willow ball both as a toy and as a gnawing material. I put a few mealworms in it and put it in the enclosure. Now my hamster has to roll the ball to get the worms out or gnaw the ball.
Wheemzees are originally dog chews, but are increasingly used for hamsters. It is good for closing teeth and hoarders love it! The snacks are made from 100% natural ingredients and are easy to digest, gluten-free and vegetarian.
Pay attention! Give wheemzees in moderation!
Wooden nibble roll
This wooden nibble roll is a toy, gnawing material and a snack in one. These snacks have been specially developed for the all-eating rodents, with many protein-rich mealworms. Your hamster must gnaw hard and hard before he can eat the snack.
Straw toys
Straw toys are toys that your hamster can play with and nibble on.
Nibble wood
I also use freshly cut and dried nibble wood. The nibble wood comes from the willow, nuts and fruit tree. Some hamsters are very actively chewing gnaws and others not at all. On the one hand it is a matter of taste, but on the other hand it is a matter of need. If a rodent has no need to gnaw because the teeth stay on their length due to the food, hay or other nibbles, then it will chew less wood. It is good to always offer natural gnawing wood so that the animals can always gnaw when they have a need to gnaw.
Wooden accessories
Wood is good for your hamster’s gnawing needs. So all wooden houses, willow bridges and other wooden accessories help with this. I use a lot of wood in my hamster enclosure.

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