gnawing bars

Gnawing bars can have many causes. It can be very annoying for you as an owner, it can be very loud and especially at night that is annoying. But also for the hamster Gnawing the bars can be very harmful; bits of the teeth can break off.
Causes of gnawing bars
There are several reasons why a hamster gnaws bars. A hamster can try to get your attention. He can also be bored. Another reason why the bars are gnawed is because the animal is in pain (for example, teeth that are too long), the gnawing is distracting. Your hamster can also gnaw on the bars to demand attention. If you give the hamster a lot of food through the bars, this can also be a cause.
It doesn’t have to be difficult to solve the problem. Placing gnawing toys in the enclosure will make your hamster less bored. Gnawing the bars will probably stop the gnawing. When your hamster asks for attention, it is more difficult to solve. When you take him out of the enclosure, he will be rewarded for gnawing. If you have a stay that is too small, chances are that this is the cause of the gnawing. Provide accommodation of at least 80 centimeters for dwarf hamster and 1 meter for Syrian hamsters. A thick layer of ground cover will also be much appreciated. More information about the layout of The enclosure ┬ácan be found on this website. The most effective solution is to buy a stay without bars. This is a very good solution for hamsters. They especially like to dig and if there are no bars, there is nothing to gnaw at.

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