Nesting material

Nesting material is one of the most important supplies for a hamster. This needs a hamster to make a nice warm nest that he can retreat to. In this blog I discuss with you different types of nest material.
Pay attention! Do not use hamster wadding, these are dangerous.
Hemp fiber protects against drafts and gives warmth. Due to the unique properties of hemp fiber, the nest stays dry and free of odors for longer, which is ideal for hamsters who use their house as a toilet. Hemp is identical to the materials that animals in the wild use to build a nest. No hemp in excessive quantities. It may not seem like much, but your hamster is going to work it out into one huge ball.
You can also use moss as a nesting material. It is nice and soft and natural material. You can give it to your hamster, he knows what to do with it. Pay attention to which moss you buy, it should not contain any fertilizers. You can also place the moss on a plateau or on a roof of a house. In this way, the stay gets a natural look.
Toilet paper
Hamsters are very happy if you give one or two sheets of (soft) toilet paper. They shred this and use it as nesting material. They find this nice and soft and pleasant to sleep in. Kitchen paper is also a nice alternative. Toilet paper is a fun and inexpensive nest material.
Reed nest
Reed nests are ready-made nests of reed. You have them in different types of sizes. They are a lot of fun, because Hamsters can still nibble on them and build a nest.
Exotic coconut
Exotic Coconut is a natural nesting material for hamsters. It is made from real coconut! Exotic Coconut as a natural nesting material gives a very natural look to the rodent enclosure. In addition, the nest material is dust-free and absorbs moisture quickly and easily. It doesn’t get moldy.

Exotic N colours
Very soft and safe nesting material made of cellulose, viscose and pressed cotton seed. It is available in different colors such as green, blue, yellow, pink and in a mix. It has good moisture absorption and is dust-free! I really enjoy using Nest material uncle.
For my hamster I use hemp and toilet paper as nest material. He makes the most beautiful structures.

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