Cutting nails

My hamster Harry often has “too” long nails. I have tried many tricks, but nothing helped. In the end I decided to cut his nails myself. In this blog I will tell you more about your hamster’s nail care.
Your hamster’s nails need good care if they don’t wear out on their own. The nails often wear out because your hamster walks over rough surfaces or objects. It is possible that your hamster has no or too few options for this and therefore gets nails that are too long. There are several objects you can use for this, such as:
Granite stone
A granite stone has a rough and a smooth side. The glazed side is useful for summer, but if you turn the tile over it is ideal for wearing your hamster’s nails. You do not always have to leave the granite tile in the cage, only if you notice that it is necessary, but make sure that your hamster does not gnaw it, this can be bad for the teeth.
Wooden accessories
The forest running wheel is a wooden running wheel and is good for wearing out the nails. as well as wooden houses and willow bridges. Wood has a rough surface and causes your hamster’s nails to wear out.
You also have different types of terracotta houses on the market. These are not only nice and cool in the summer, but also help to wear out the nails.
Nail scissors
If the above tips do not help, you have to cut the nails. It sounds worse than it is. You can use your own nail scissors to cut the nails, but you can also buy a special Rodent Nail Scissors. The advantage of a rodent nail scissors is that it takes into account round nails, our scissors do not. I use baby scissors to cut my hamster’s nails, it has no sharp points. You have to be very careful not to cut the quick, because that is very painful and causes blood! As a rule, you need to cut the lightest tip of the nail.

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