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Hamsterscape forest theme

It was time for another change in Harry’s enclosure. A new layout with a forest theme. In the video below you can see how I created it.

What did I use to create this scape?

As a bedding I used Cotton and Comfort in combination with hemp fiber. I mix these two together. I really like the structure of this and Harry likes to dig in it.Also I create a area with coconut fiber humus, Harry loves to play and dig in it. Be aware: The humus must be completely dry before you use it in the residence because of Mold formation. As a top layer I used Exotic coconut in some places in the enclosure. This has a different structure and a beautiful brown color. Exotic coconut can also be used as a nesting material.
I have used different hideouts. Use as “main” house in a multi-chamber hideout from Trixie. This is Harry’s favorite house. In addition to the multi-chamber hideout, I used a number of separate houses and hiding places. See below.
Cork tunnels
I used two cork tunnels in this scape. I dug one in the bed, so I created an extra hiding place. The other uses as a tunnel for Harry to walk through. I also made a tunnel with a PVC tube, I dug it in the bedding and lined the exit with cork for the forest feeling.
Running wheel
Not to be missed, of course, is the running wheel. I use the 21 cm wooden running wheel from Trixie, but this time I also use a 20 cm Wooden Running Disc from Trixie as an extra. A running disc is great for a hamster if they are the right size. What is very important is that a running disc cannot replace a running wheel. So there should always be a normal running wheel in the hamster enclosure.
I used 2 vines and 1 drift wood in this scape. This gives a nice addition to the forest theme.
Many people ask where I bought my sand bath. My sand bath is a DIY (do it yourself) sand bath, I made this from an old running wheel. Actually it is very simple see here In addition:
willow bridges
Willow bridges cannot be missed in this scape. In this scape I use two willow bridges of 55 centimeters and two of 22 centimeters.
Food and drink
Of course Harry’s food and drink cannot be missed. I put his food and drink on a granite stone. It stands firmly and Harry can cool off during hot days by lying on the granite stone. These stones remain wonderfully cool. (More tips for cooling your hamster have a look in the blog cool through the summer)
Ik gebruik als leuke extraatjes een paddenstoel met een kaboutertje deze heb ik gekocht bij het tuincentrum en ik gebruik een stenen bonsai boompje deze kun je kopen bij het aquarium gedeelte in het tuincentrum.

Om het verblijf af te maken gebruik ik mos en verschillende soorten zaden. Hieronder zie je welke zaden ik in deze scape heb gebruikt:

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