Hamster playpen

Hamsters need freedom of movement. Giving your hamster a playpen allows him to safely run loose and prevent boredom.
Why a playpen
A playpen ensures that your hamster can safely walk and discover outside his cage. He needs that extra exercise regularly to stay healthy. A playpen provides a defined and controlled area in which your hamster can safely enjoy the playpen.
Where do you put the playpen
It is best to place the playpen directly on the hamster enclosure the first few times. This way your hamster can escape to his trusted hole in case of danger. In addition, with a playpen “at home” your hamster will be given the choice of going for a walk or not. If your hamster is used to playing in the playpen, you can also place the playpen somewhere else. Remember to put drinking water and feed on it in the run and of course plenty of hiding places.
Arrange a hamster playpen
Make playing in the playpen challenging by filling it with all kinds of stuff like houses, tubes, sand bath and other stuff. It is important to also use items that already have the smell of your hamster. This helps your hamster get used to the space and gives a familiar feeling. Therefore, avoid large heights in the playpen and, for example, do not place houses against the edges of the playpen.

Very important! Don’t leave a hamster alone in his playpen, so you can always keep an eye on things.
Bond with your hamster
It is also very nice and cozy to sit next to or in the hamster playpen. This way you can bond with your hamster. If you sit next to him you are more on the same level as your hamster, this is less scary when you hang above him. Talk to your hamster and give it time to feel comfortable. Some hamsters take longer to complete than others, candies sometimes work wonders.

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