Multi-chamber hideout

Hamsters are naturally ground dwellers and diggers. They make entire corridors with different rooms, each with its own function. For example, they have a bedroom, one or more food storage rooms and a room that serves as a toilet. Hamsters are actually very clean animals, because they like to keep their food, sleeping place and toilet separate.
Now that’s a different story with Harry. He did it all in one place! In his hideout. There he slept on his bed of nest material. Under that bed lay his collected food, but also all his turds and puddles. Not so fresh, especially since it was the wooden IDA hideout from Trixie. This hideout has a solid bottom and the puddle that drew into the wood made it very smelly. Well I absolutely love CSI urine Spray, this spray produces enzymes that actively work on the urine. This will make the urine smell disappear. However, Harry kept peeing in his house. I didn’t like the idea that he sleeps there and keeps his food. Because it started to stink quickly, it had to be cleaned more often, with the result that Harry had to make his food supply and his nest again.
Well, I had been thinking about the multi-chamber hideout for a while. This is a hideout with four rooms. Three large and a small room under the stairs. Two of the four rooms have no bottom and two have a wooden bottom. The hideout also has two inputs / outputs. The easy thing about this house is that you can remove the lid to easily change the nest material and to clean up the troops. I bought this house and will see if Harry will separate his sleeping place from his toilet and food supply if he has several rooms at his disposal.
I did not give nest material in rooms one and four. In room two I put toilet paper and in room three hemp. Now let’s see what he is going to do. I think he will build a nest with the hemp, but I am very curious what he will make of it!

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