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When I was busy changing Harry’s stay I noticed that I had too little space for all the ideas I have. That’s why I decided to get rid of my 1 meter aquarium and replace it with a bigger one. Online I saw that people used the IKEA detolf as a Hamster enclosure. Very smart, because it is a 160 x 40 centimeter enclosure and it is not expensive. So I went to IKEA and bought the detolf.
It is big! I am very happy with it! You buy the Detolf as a display case. You leave out the shelves and the door and if you can put it on the side it is a perfect Hamster enclosure. This means that there is no lid, you will have to make it yourself. I chose a high lid, because the Detolf is a low container and with a high lid you can also put more bottom bedding in it. I also wanted a lid that I do not always have to lift from the enclosure, but that can be opened and closed by means of a valve.
As you can see above I have already fully equipped Harry’s enclosure and oh how fun it was! I love to fully indulge in the interior of Harry’s enclosure! I had already set up the enclosure before the lid was made. That is why the set up is still low, I want to adjust this soon, but first I let Harry get used to his new home. Below some pictures of how it looks now!


  • Mary

    Im a new hamster owner. I’m so inspired on the forest theme you got. I live in Canada. Very few stores here sells substrates for hamster. Please advise

  • Kathy

    Where did you get the container you use for a sand bath? I love the natural wood look. I love everything about your setup. It would be so cool if you could do a video of everything in your cage and links to where you bought everything.

    • hamsterscape

      Hi Kathy,

      The sandbath that I used is an old running wheel. That wheel didn’t run smoothly anymore so I took it apart so I can use it as a sandbath.
      I love the idea of the video. I would love to do that!


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