Cat grass

Cat grass in your hamster enclosure. I like it already, but how does it work. I have grown the cat grass myself at home, but you can also buy it ready-made. I bought grass seeds at the garden center. These seeds are already pre-packed in a plastic container. It’s simple. You add half a liter of water once. You let this absorb for an hour and then you pour off the excess water. Now it is key to keeping it moist. Every day I spray the seeds with a plant spray. After a few days you can already see the first blades of grass coming up. Be careful not to put the grass in direct sunlight or above a heater.
After 2 days
After 5 days
When the grass is about 10 centimeters high I place it in the hamster enclosure. You don’t necessarily have to take it out of the tray, but I do. The advantage of this is that your hamster cannot gnaw on the plastic tray and it looks very natural. The disadvantage is that you cannot easily remove the grass from the enclosure to water etc. I plant the grass in organic humus. Not only is this super fun, but Harry also loves to dig in. I occasionally water the grass with a plant sprayer. I do not recommend watering with a watering can.
Well I’m completely happy with the end result, but what does Harry think? Harry frankly doesn’t care. He has several seed plants in his residence and he prefers that more. After 2 weeks the blades of grass started to look less beautiful and they got so high that I took them out of the enclosure.
Conclusion: Cat grass is easy to grow and is very nice in a natural enclosure. Harry, however, has little interest in it.

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