Using herbs

Herbs are not a staple food for hamsters, but as an extra. If you offer a herbs mix you will therefore see that your hamster only takes the things from this mix that he needs and will leave the rest. Herbs must always be dried in a special way, otherwise all nutrients are gone and only dry fibers remain. Hamster can smell and taste this. Therefore, such herbs are not eaten. Herbs are certainly a nice enrichment of the food and if you know how to put together the right mix, your hamster can choose according to his own needs.
Not only do I like dried herbs to give to my hamster as an extra, but I also like to sprinkle as decoration throughout the enclosure. This gives a cozy and colorful look.
Herbs with snacks
You also mixed different types of spices with snacks. For example, I use the spice mix with vegetables through it, such as cucumber, carrot and apple. My hamster loves this spice mix. I sprinkle this once in a while through the stay so my hamster can look wonderfully for all the goodies. This is also a good way to prevent boredom, hamsters like to look for their food.

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